What is a Private Podcast?

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What is a Private Podcast?

You’re probably familiar with public podcasts. You know, those audio-only chunks of content you binge on a regular basis? We’re talking about news, interviews, and even entertainment podcasts that have you sitting on the edge of your seat! Yeah, those are PUBLIC podcasts. A private podcast is very similar…with a few key differences.

Private podcasts look, feel, and function just like public podcasts. The main difference? You get to control who gets access. But why does that matter? How does that benefit YOU?

Discover key differences between public and private podcasts, WHY you should start a private podcast, and what listeners are saying!



Private Podcasts vs Public Podcasts

We weren’t joking. The main difference between public and private podcasts is pretty simple. ANYone can listen to a public podcast. If you want to listen to a private podcast, however, you need special access from the creator. Boom! The end.

Jk, there’s a little more to it than that.

With public podcasts, the goal is often to reach a wide audience, grow brand awareness, and sometimes build authority. Now, there’s nothing wrong with those goals. In fact, it’s a good idea to keep them in mind regardless of whether your podcast is private or public.

But what if your goals are more specific? Enter → Private Podcast Feeds!

Private Podcast Goals

We already know why podcasts are successful. Listeners can consume them on the go, they can multitask while listening, and people are more likely to listen to a podcast than watch an entire video. That means higher content retention, engagement, and completion. We get it, podcasts are great!

Say, however, that you’d like to launch a high-ticket coaching program with the specific goal of filling ten spots. Maybe you’d even like to grow your email list at the same time! That means you need to create a unique offer that captures emails, provides value to potential subscribers, and funnels listeners towards the Buy Now button. Now, those are some pretty specific goals…

…and a private podcast feed is JUST the thing! In this example, you could create a private podcast opt-in that gives listeners a glimpse inside your coaching course. After providing their email address, you can send them a link to your private feed where your content will obviously SHINE.

Listeners will be adding your packages to their carts before you’ve had a chance to say, “If you’re interested in more…” 

Yes, public podcasts are versatile. But the goals you can achieve with a PRIVATE podcast are as specific as you want them to be.

Want to give students an audio-only replay of coaching calls they missed? Private podcast. Want to provide DIY hacks and then direct listeners to your checkout for done-for-you services? Private podcast. Want to create easy-to-consume SOPs for internal use within a large corporation? Private podcast, babyyy!

Why People Love Private Podcasts

Whether private feeds are behind a paywall or a free opt-in, private podcast feeds provide value. Yes, you could argue that exclusivity and scarce commodity strategies create hype. You might even be right! But that’s not why people LOVE private podcasts.

Creators love our private podcast because they make it easy to achieve specific goals. Plus, they’re SO easy to set up. No joke, over 70% of our audience members launch their first feed in 24 hours. It also makes it that much easier to put your premium content in a form that your audience can consume on the go.

Speaking of your audience, that’s where private feeds really shine. Yes, we created Hello Audio to make things simpler for creators…but creators make things for their audience. That means private podcast feeds need to be simple and practical on all sides. For your audience, that means…

  • Content on the go
  • No complicated log-ins
  • Less screen time
  • Available on preferred streaming platforms

For YOU, however, that might mean…

  • Marketing that stands out
  • Tighter sales funnels
  • Fool-proof, uncomplicated tech
  • Control over WHO listens
  • Integrations with other platforms (Zapier, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, etc.)

Honestly, that’s just the beginning! Interested in hearing more about the different ways creators have used Hello Audio? Tune in to our Success Stories and hear all the details on private feed strategies and some seriously amazing results!

Have More Questions About Private Podcasts?

Try our FREE Hello Audio Instant Demo! You’ll learn about the different types of private feeds, which ones may be right for you, actionable steps to create and deliver your first private feed, and LOTS of helpful resources.

You already know you’ve got something important to share, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. Let’s get your content into your audience’s ears as soon as possible. Start your free trial today and get all the support you need to add value to courses and funnels while WOWing customers. Let’s make it happen!

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