What is a Pop-Up Podcast?

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What is a Pop Up Podcast?
Nora Sudduth - Hello Audio Co-Founder

Turn your content into private podcasts so your audience can listen to everything on the go. Try Hello Audio (for free) for 7 days!

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If you love your private podcast feed but want to create EXTRA hype around an upcoming launch, a Pop-Up Podcast is what you need! So, what exactly is a pop-up podcast?

You probably already know that podcasts are an increasingly popular form of media. Insider Intelligence even predicts that monthly podcast listeners in the US will exceed 140 million by the end of 2025. That’s a lot of listeners! It’s also why we’re so passionate about private podcasts. 

Private podcasts look, feel, and function just like public podcasts. The main difference is that YOU get to control who has access and for how long. We won’t elaborate here because we’ve already done that (Psst! Click here to read What is a Private Podcast?). Suffice to say that private podcasts are a game changer for online businesses. 

A Pop-Up Podcast, however, can take your marketing efforts to the next level. Read on and learn about pop-up podcasts and how you can use them to easily move your audience through the buying cycle. 



What is a Pop-Up Podcast?

A pop-up podcast, or a secret podcast, is a private podcast that’s only available for a limited time. That might sound really simple, and it is! But it’s also surprisingly valuable. 

First, you get to choose when it becomes available and when it disappears. Maybe that means it goes away on a specific date. Conversely, you could even set it up so that it disappears at a specific time interval for your listeners. 

Whatever the case, a pop-up podcast creates a window of time that allows you to accelerate the buying cycle. 


Pop-Up Podcasts Help Move Listeners Through the Buying Cycle

If directing your audience toward the Buy Now button is a struggle, you’re going to want to pay attention. 

Moving someone through the typical conversion journey can be tricky. You have to get on their radar, incentivize them to follow you or hand over their email address, and then you actually have to make the sale. That might include ads, opt-ins, email funnels, webinars, etc. Not to mention LOTS of time and energy on your part. 

And during that whole process, you’re HOPING to make a personal connection with your audience. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. You might have the best sales funnel with immaculate content. However, if your audience never actually makes it through that content, it’s unlikely they’ll make it to your checkout cart. 

Fortunately, audio helps grease the wheels when it comes to the buying cycle. Even without utilizing a pop-up podcast, private podcast feeds help you connect with your audience. The intimacy of audio establishes trust and builds relationships, the content is incredibly easy to consume, and the various listener management features help create positive user experiences. 

When you leverage those features, you’re removing many of the conversion journey obstacles. Pop-up podcasts accomplish that PLUS they create a much-needed sense of urgency.


Pop-Up Podcasts Create A Sense of Urgency

We’ve all been there. Someone promises a PDF packed full of valuable information in exchange for your email address. You provide your email address, the PDF lands in your inbox, and you think to yourself, “I’ll get to it in a day or two.” But then a day or two turns into a week, and then a month, and then…you completely forget about it. 

Usually when this happens, there isn’t any urgency to consume that information. Pop-up podcasts, however, are designed with a built-in sense of urgency. Because the content won’t last forever, it keeps your audience more focused. They know if they wait too long, they’ll miss their opportunity. 

Bottom line? The FOMO is real and pop-up podcasts keep people moving through your buying cycle for higher conversion rates.


Pop-Up Podcasts Boost Conversions

The versatility of pop-up podcasts means you can utilize them for several different call-to-actions. Here are just a few examples…

Want to encourage social media followers to join your email list? Trying to build buzz for an upcoming launch? Want to save time by attracting pre-qualified leads for a high-ticket offer? Pop-up podcasts can do all of that! You can design a pop-up podcast that’s as general or as specific as you need. That’s because YOU are in control.

For example, one of our users (Hey, Angie!) utilized a pop-up podcast to SELL OUT her launch in just three days. Yes, you read that right!

She advertised it as a three-day private podcast event. Her idea was to keep it live for three days, shut it down, and then launch and sell her offer for a week afterward. Ideally, the three-day event would warm them up and then an email sequence would funnel them toward her new offer. Let’s just say that things went VERY well.

She sold out her launch BEFORE she could do an email sequence! Because of that, she ended up bringing in $10K before the event even closed. 

“I had 86 people sign up. I had a conversion rate of 6%. I think that out of the people who signed up, almost 95% of them actually downloaded. In the past, webinar conversions were 2-3% and the people who showed up had a show up rate of 40% at best.”

Want to hear more about Angie’s success? Listen to Episode 6 of our Success Stories Podcast 


Have More Questions About Private Podcasts?

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Nora Sudduth - Hello Audio Co-Founder

Turn your content into private podcasts so your audience can listen to everything on the go. Try Hello Audio (for free) for 7 days!

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