5 Ways Private Podcasts Help Bring Massive Value To Your Audience

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5 Ways Private Podcasts Help Bring Massive Value To Your Audience
Nora Sudduth - Hello Audio Co-Founder

Turn your content into private podcasts so your audience can listen to everything on the go. Try Hello Audio (for free) for 7 days!

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Private podcasts are an innovative way to stand out and give your audience something extra without a bunch of extra work. You can simply take content you’re already sharing and put it into a private podcast as a bonus to your audience (and they’ll love it!).

Podcasting has seen a huge renaissance in the last few years and the amount of audio content in our lives is only increasing. Bottom line? Using private podcasts in your marketing strategy is a HUGE opportunity.

Here are a few ways you can use private podcasts to wow your audience and build buzz for your offers.



1. Create a Pop Up Private Podcast Series

We know this option works because we’ve done this at Hello Audio!! We call it a pop-up podcast series or even a secret podcast series, and it’s a great way to build buzz for the launch of a new offer.

Essentially, the typical conversion journey (You know, that thing where you get people excited for your product, course, program, offer, etc.) is made even easier by using private podcasts. It builds excitement, keeps people’s attention, and they’re more likely to get through the material. That’s because private podcasts aren’t like your typical webinars! They’re exciting, unique, and different.

Plus, we’re seeing it work REALLY well for conversion rates.

Don’t believe us? Give our Success Stories Podcast a listen and hear how Hello Audio has helped content creators and entrepreneurs increase conversion rates, engagement, completion rates, and MORE (Psst! Episodes 5 and 6 have LOTS of goodies).

2. Use Private Podcasts To Deliver A Mini Course

Spoiler alert! Using a private podcast mini course as a freebie (AKA opt-in) is an absolute GAME-CHANGER.

You may have already run into this, but one of the biggest issues in our industry is dealing with a specific internal objection from customers and leads. It’s the classic “is this going to be another thing that I fail to complete?” People have started to realize they sign up for ebooks or free courses and they don’t actually finish them. But podcasts challenge that idea!

People look at a private podcast mini course and they already know they’re more likely to complete it. That’s because they don’t have to log into Kajabi or Thinkific or Teachable or SOME other thing to consume it. It can be right on their phone in small bite-size chunks wherever they are.

That’s a LOT of value for your customers.

And you don’t even have to create a new mini course from scratch. You could read out an ebook or some of your best blog posts. You could strip audio from a video series. The sky is the limit! What’s special is the way you’re delivering the content, so it doesn’t even have to be anything new.

We’re actually using this one ourselves with an audio course called The Audio Asset Challenge. To sign up, go to challenge.helloaudio.fm and you’ll see how we actually use it as an onboarding tool for people to learn about Hello Audio as well as letting them actually experience the product. When people listen to that podcast, our opt-in rates are anywhere from 15% to 20% to become a paid customer!

3. Use Audio As An Order Bump

An order bump is essentially when someone is buying a product of yours and you say, “Hey, would you like to add XYZ for this many dollars? Check this box.”

Sound appealing? This strategy will help you do just that!

Audio content is a great order bump because, again, audio has a higher perceived value. Essentially, customers perceive audio differently because they’re more confident they’ll actually complete it.

An audio order bump can be something like a series of case studies that go with the tool or product you’re selling. We’ve even seen users create a motivational audio series. How cool is that?!

For example, let’s say you’re selling a program on how to launch a new course. What you could sell on top of that would be something like, “Hey, what if you had a launch coach in your pocket?” Now, you’re creating an entirely different experience!

It’s less about how to set up a landing page for a launch and more about the emotional rollercoaster that comes with launching. This particular example creates a much more intimate experience. Listeners will personally connect with you and you’ll be able to provide value in a different way. That is SO powerful.

So, start thinking about how you can add and increase your cart value by using private podcasts as a way to deliver extra content!

Join our Facebook Community and connect with other Hello Audio users about using private podcasts!

4. Repurpose Video Content Into A Private Podcast Bonus

This one might be our favorite because it’s SO easy. Simply take the video content you have in your signature program or coaching experience and turn it into a podcast feed. That’s it! No technical hurdles or headaches required.

This lets your customers and/or students take their learning on the go while they’re walking the dog or sipping coffee on the porch. This means they’ll actually consume the thing they bought from you! And that’s kind of the whole point.

If you’ve already stripped the MP3 files, all you have to do is drag that into Hello Audio and we’ll generate a feed of your content. We’ll also protect your content AND make sure that the individual users who are listening are the ONLY ones listening (which is important for paid content obviously).

With this strategy, you can effectively handle the objection of “I don’t have time” or “I failed my last course.” And that’s a great thing for conversion!

Alyssa Hall talks about repurposing video content for a private feed in Episode 15 of our Success Stories Podcast!

5. Use Private Podcasts To Support Your Courses

Similar to the previous strategy, you can also create private podcasts from coaching calls, zooms, or live Q&As in your programs. Buh-bye to watching Zoom replays!

We never could watch Zoom replays after missing a video meeting. We never had the time! You’re probably already familiar with this scenario. First, we were already behind in the coursework. Then we couldn’t make the Zoom call. And making time for the replay? Not likely.

So, again, when you add that bonus, you’re speaking directly to the past experiences of your students. You’re directly addressing all those times they couldn’t make calls and felt like they missed out. All those times they felt guilty and overwhelmed by not keeping up. YOU can make it easier for them!

Add the private podcast to your value stack so your offer is REALLY killer.

Audio Content Is The Future

Still on the fence? Listen up!

A study in 2019 found that over half of Americans are listening to at least one podcast show a month and 93% of people who listen to podcasts listen to MOST or ALL of an entire episode. That is huge!

The opportunity here is incredible.

You might be thinking, “Oh my gosh, you’re telling me to create a podcast. That sounds really hard.” And what we want you to realize is that creating a podcast IS hard. First, it’s hard because of the tools and the way the podcast industry is historically represented. It has to be this high-quality content that’s pushed out to millions of people, hopefully everyone downloads it, AND you have to share it to all these different platforms. It’s a process. If you’ve ever launched a podcast, it’s one heck of a process.

However, at Hello Audio, it’s not hard. It doesn’t require the same effort to get your content out to the public because we’re actually delivering unique links to your users. Those same users that buy your products or sign up for your thing? Yeah, those ones! AND it delivers instantly!

We build Hello Audio for creators, not for podcasters.

So if you’re thinking “I never got around to even doing a podcast, why would I want to make private podcasts?” we hear you. We made Hello Audio for YOU.

Start your free trial today and get all the support you need to create your private podcast feed, add value to your courses and funnels, and WOW customers. We want to get your content in their ears as soon as possible. Let’s make it happen!

Your audience is mobile, your content should be too

Nora Sudduth - Hello Audio Co-Founder

Turn your content into private podcasts so your audience can listen to everything on the go. Try Hello Audio (for free) for 7 days!

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