Why Use Private Podcasts If My Course Content Is Visual?

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Why Use Private Podcasts if My Course Content is Visual
Nora Sudduth - Hello Audio Co-Founder

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Learn how adding private podcasts to visual content increases engagement and student success.


There’s a LOT of visual content out there. We’re talking about things like art, tech training, general how-tos, etc. All of that content needs images or videos to effectively convey information, and that makes a lot of sense. 

If someone was teaching you how to use photoshop, you’d want to SEE where they were clicking. If you were learning how to cook something, you’d NEED to see what the finished dish should look like. That’s why we’re not here to tell you that video is dead or that audio is the only way to go. Both forms of media are valuable when it comes to learning. 

And THAT is what it’s really all about—learning! You want your audience to consume, understand, and retain the information you’re giving them. That’s why supplementing visual content with private podcasts is so beneficial. 



Private Podcasts Encourage Content Repetition

This probably isn’t news to you, but repetition is essential when it comes to learning. That’s why students make flashcards, review study notes before quizzes, etc. And it doesn’t stop after people leave school. Anytime you review a speech before a public speaking event or reread a how-to guide, you’re using repetition to enhance your overall retention and comprehension of information.

Robert F. Bruner put it best when he said, 

The deepest “aha’s” spring from an encounter and then a return. Repeating the encounter fuses it into one’s awareness. One of the biggest mistakes a teacher can make is to forgo the return or repetition. The learning process is one of slow engagement with ideas; gradually the engagement builds to a critical mass when the student actually acquires the idea. Repetition matters because it can hasten and deepen the engagement process. If one cares about quality of learning, one should consciously design repetitive engagement into courses and daily teaching. To do this well is harder than it seems.

Repetition is the First Principal of All Learning

There are several different pedagogical theories that might explain WHY repetition is so important to learning and memory ( encoding variability theory, study-phase retrieval theory, etc.). However, considering your students are probably consuming your content outside of a typical classroom setting, you likely have little to no control over when or how often they consume your content. 

What you can do, however, is provide additional methods with which your students can consume your content in different settings.

That increases the likelihood that they’ll review your content more than one time. Essentially, providing an audio version of your course content is like giving your students a different method of studying! 


Private Podcasts Create a Stress-Free Learning Environment

Consuming visual content takes a surprisingly large amount of time and focus. Students have to dedicate whole blocks of time to log-in to a member’s area, watch or observe the content, and then actually practice implementing the information. To fully absorb and engage with the content, they have to stay in one place and can rarely multitask. 

But what if they get stuck? What if they don’t understand a concept? That can mean re-watching an entire video, which takes up even MORE time and energy. This can be incredibly frustrating and discouraging. Private podcasts offer a solution to this problem.

No, a private podcast won’t SHOW them the lesson. However, it will give them an opportunity to review the information on the go whenever it suits them. This makes it easier for them to fit your course into their busy lives in a stress-free way. Plus, when they return to the video or lesson, they’re more familiar with the concepts and are more prepared to engage with the content. 


Private Podcasts Allow Students to Implement Lessons While Listening

Think about the last time you completed an assignment dealing with a complicated concept. You probably referred to a textbook or some sort of learning material throughout the process. Now, put yourself in your students shoes! 

Maybe they’re switching from one screen to another on their computer. Maybe they’re trying to pull your visual up on their phone while they practice your lessons elsewhere. Either way, reviewing your content while trying to practice the lessons can be a bit of a juggling act. 

Now, imagine being able to simply listen to course content. Since they’ve already reviewed the visuals, the audio simply acts as reinforcement to keep them from getting lost or stuck. Plus, they can easily pause, rewind, or skip ahead without missing a beat. At least, that’s what Jaclyn Mellone’s students did!

Her students were able to listen while actually implementing lessons. This made it so much easier for students to consume content while putting it into practice. “A number of them love that they can just really easily binge the content and then go back and relisten to certain parts that maybe they needed to revisit or take notes with.”

Learn how Jaclyn Mellone improved student success rates with private podcasts in Episode 12 of our Success Stories Podcast!

Try Hello Audio to Give Students More Opportunities For Success

The goal isn’t JUST to get students to complete your course. You want them to comprehend your content and use it successfully. That means providing them with every possible learning opportunity. No, audio can’t replace certain types of visual content. But private podcasts CAN make it easier for students to review your content in a stress-free environment. 

Have more questions? Try our FREE Hello Audio Instant Demo! You’ll learn about the different types of private feeds, which ones may be right for you, how to create and deliver your first private feed, and more.

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Your audience is mobile, your content should be too.

Nora Sudduth - Hello Audio Co-Founder

Turn your content into private podcasts so your audience can listen to everything on the go. Try Hello Audio (for free) for 7 days!

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