Can I Have a Podcast Without Being A Podcaster?

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Can I Have A Podcast Without Being A Podcaster | Hello Audio
Nora Sudduth - Hello Audio Co-Founder

Turn your content into private podcasts so your audience can listen to everything on the go. Try Hello Audio (for free) for 7 days!

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Bottom line? Private podcasts are changing what it means to be a podcaster. Read on and discover how you can have a successful private podcast without being a podcaster.

In 2021, there were an estimated 120 million podcast listeners in the U.S. and those numbers are only going up! With that many listeners, wouldn’t it be great if you could share some of YOUR ideas through a podcast? What if you could SELL through a podcast? What if all of that sounds great, but you’re not actually a podcaster?

Not a problem! While the big wide world of podcasting can seem intimidating, you don’t actually need a ton of experience to have a successful podcast. That’s because private podcasts cut out most of the stress while doing all the heavy lifting.

We’re not joking. You can build connections with your audience, create opt-ins, deliver mini-courses, repurpose content, and more! If your audience is already using podcast apps, then you can’t afford NOT to communicate with them where they’re already at.



What Does It Mean To Be A Podcaster?

***Cue soft jazz music***

“Welcome back, everyone. Thank you for tuning in to this week’s episode of…”

Sound familiar? There’s something about a polished podcast that immediately puts listeners at ease and helps them tune in. That’s because a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to create the perfect audio atmosphere. Depending on the specific podcast, a TON of work could go into it. We’re talking about…

  • Audience research
  • Booking guests
  • Content strategy
  • Managing expensive equipment
  • Recording valuable content
  • Editing audio
  • Maintaining a publication schedule

…and that’s hardly the end of the list. In the simplest sense, however, a podcaster is someone who has something valuable to say to a specific audience. All the other stuff aside, if YOU have something important to share with your audience then you can be a podcaster.

It’s just going to be a LOT easier with private podcasts than public podcasts.

Public vs Private Podcasts

First, public and private podcasts are similar in a lot of ways. They can both be listened to with most podcast apps (iTunes, Spotify, Google, etc.), the apps save your place if you need to leave and listen later, etc.

The big difference? ANYone can listen to a public podcast. If you want to listen to a private podcast, however, you need special access from the creator. Whether it’s a free opt-in or behind a paywall, a private podcast isn’t available to the general public.

Want more details about private podcasts? Check out “What is a Private Podcast?”

Additionally, private podcasts can be recorded and published straight from a smartphone (buh-bye expensive equipment!) and they can be used for different purposes. The latter is where things get really interesting from a business perspective!

For example, say you were trying to build your email list. You already know few people actually read through those downloadable PDFs, so you decide to record your lead magnet since audio is so popular. Publishing audio content in a public feed, however, provides no incentive for someone to hand over their email. A private feed, on the other hand, requires that email BEFORE they can gain access to your content. It’s that easy!

And that’s just the beginning. Here are just a few ways you can use private podcasts in your business:

  • Lead magnets
  • Internal business training
  • Coaching calls
  • Meeting replays
  • Repurposing content (videos, blogs, etc.)
  • Audio newsletters
  • Audio products (courses, training, meditations, etc.)

Private Podcasts Can Play A Pivotal Role In YOUR Growth Strategy

According to the Podcast Trends Report 2019, eight out of every ten listeners tuned in for more than seven hours each week. That means a LOT of people listen to at least an hour of podcasts every single day!

That’s one of the reasons we’re so passionate about private podcasts—you get to connect with your audience on apps that they regularly use. That means they’re already familiar with the technology, they’ve already fit it into their lives, and the ease automatically creates a better user experience.

That being the case, leveraging all the benefits of these apps means you’re much more likely to have higher retention, completion, engagement, and more!

Don’t believe us? Give our Success Stories Podcast a listen and hear how Hello Audio has helped content creators and entrepreneurs increase conversion rates, engagement, completion rates, and MORE (Psst! Episodes 5 and 6 have LOTS of goodies).

Have More Questions About Private Podcasts?

Try our FREE Hello Audio Instant Demo! You’ll learn about the different types of private feeds, which ones may be right for you, actionable steps to create and deliver your first private feed, and LOTS of helpful resources.

You already know you’ve got something important to share, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. Let’s get your content into your audience’s ears as soon as possible. Start your free trial today and get all the support you need to add value to courses and funnels while WOWing customers. Let’s make it happen!

Your audience is mobile, your content should be too.

Nora Sudduth - Hello Audio Co-Founder

Turn your content into private podcasts so your audience can listen to everything on the go. Try Hello Audio (for free) for 7 days!

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