Release Notes – April 12th, 2022

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April 12 Release Notes | Hello Audio

ThriveCart Integration

Anyone who signs up using a ThriveCart page can automatically be added as a listener in Hello Audio. This includes capturing their name and tagging in Hello Audio as you’d like. This also works for all Learn/Learn+ courses since they’ll be coming through a ThriveCart page.

Not only can you add those who sign up, you can remove listeners who have a failed payment, or only add those who purchase the order bump/upsell or a specific pricing option like pay-in-full!

Read about the full ThriveCart integration here.

Automatically Remind Listeners Who Haven’t Subscribed

After adding a listener, if they don’t subscribe in a set number of days, you can have a reminder sent out automatically. You pick the number of days to wait, and the number of reminders to send! 

You can read more about these email reminders here.

Podcast Seasons

Group episodes into seasons for easy navigation by your listeners. Sometimes called “serial” podcast type, vs “episodic” for those that don’t use seasons, this will flip the episode order so that S1E1 appears first in the list of episodes instead of the newest release.

Note that not all apps support seasons. For a full breakdown of which apps support seasons and how, check out this table of appsYou can find more details here in our help doc.

Trailer and Bonus Episodes

 You can now chose which type of episode you’re releasing. Apps will typically show the trailer episodes as a preview above all other episodes. Bonus episodes are flagged as such by most apps. Not all apps support these flags or behave the same way. Visit this table for the breakdown. Our help doc has more information on how we handle these episode types.

Additional File Uploads Supported

We’ve added .ogg, .oga, and .webm files to our supported uploads. They’ll be converted to mp3 audio for your listeners. .ogg and .oga files are sometimes found in Telegram and WhatsApp audio files from voice messages. You can see the full list of supported files here

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