Lisa DeLugo Enhanced Her Coaching Courses With Private Podcast Feeds

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Lisa DeLugo Enhanced Her Coaching Courses With Private Podcast Feeds

Read on and discover how private podcast feeds transformed Lisa’s virtual coaching course into a one-on-one experience that clients love!

Lisa DeLugo, life and health coach at Ella-Go, helps teach beginners to learn how to run. While that might sound simple, her passion and enthusiasm for running helps others build confidence and become empowered. With Hello Audio, she’s now helping her audience on the go!


Lisa Chose Hello Audio to Communicate With Clients On The Go

The problem, however, was that her clients were incredibly busy. Her goal in trying Hello Audio was to eliminate scheduling conflicts for her clients. Fitting in time to actually run can be tricky enough without factoring in time for coursework.

Fortunately, Hello Audio made her content more convenient and her clients are able to take her coaching expertise on the go. They can listen during their commute, while working around the house, and they can pause and start again without a hitch. Some even listen to her courses during their runs!

“As they’re doing their runs, they’re getting all the educational nuggets they need to reach their goals. No excuses!”

A Private Podcast Created a One-On-One Coaching Experience

Initially, Lisa was hesitant because she didn’t fully understand how a private podcast feed would benefit her clients. After launching her first private podcast and hearing positive feedback from her students, however, she now knows it’s not JUST about convenience.

“Now, I totally understand how not only convenient it is for my clients, but it adds a personal piece where I can provide them information that only pertains to them. This definitely adds to that client-coach experience in a very positive way.”

In fact, the private feeds are her favorite feature. They allow her to talk with clients one-on-one for pep talks, motivational talks, etc. Plus, they can listen when it’s most convenient for them, “It puts virtual coaching on another level.”

Lisa’s Clients RAVE About Her Private Podcast Feed

Lisa’s clients have loved the convenience of her private podcast feed.

“Many of my clients have raved about the convenience of having an audio course as a supplement to my running courses. They love that they can take the courses while driving to work or taking the kids to school, or even while running on the treadmill. They just love it!”

While her courses are truly 100% virtual, her clients still feel that Lisa is right there with them.

“It has been a big selling point for getting clients to sign up for my courses because of the convenience and my capability to give them a more personal one-on-one coaching experience.”

Lisa will soon start another program where Hello Audio will be used as a private feed for membership clients only.

Interested in learning more about Lisa’s upcoming programs? Click Here!

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