Kendra Hennessy Saw Challenge Conversions Jump From 3.5% to 11%

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Kendra Hennessy Saw Challenge Conversions Jump From 3.5% to 11% | Hello Audio

The problem? Her busy audience doesn’t have time to watch videos. Read on and discover how Kendra used Hello Audio to increase conversions from 3.5% to 11%

Kendra Hennessy, the founder and CEO of Mother Like a Boss™, puts reluctant homemakers back in the driver’s seat of motherhood through realistic routines and practical mindset shifts.

Whether it’s through free workshops that provide step-by-step plans to end the clutter and promote organization or through her private program Homemakerish U™, she’s helping moms conquer the chaos and cultivate a home they love.

Plus, now that she’s using Hello Audio, busy moms can easily listen to content without missing a beat!


Kendra Needed to Increase Completion Rates For Her Course

One of the biggest problems she was hoping to solve with Hello Audio was that the majority of her audience has a difficult time committing to watching videos. Even when there was an audio component to the video and they didn’t HAVE to watch, her audience sometimes believed that it was still required.

This created a huge obstacle since her audience is more likely to stop watching or listening to a training when it’s in video format.

She already knew, however, that her Mother Like A Boss podcast performed great! It had phenomenal numbers, listener feedback was beautiful, and it was all because her audience could listen on the go.

“What I was really hoping to do with Hello Audio is to provide them with the same great experience in either a training or as a bonus and to give them the value that they needed, but in a format that would be the easiest for them.”

Kendra Created Her First Private Podcast With Hello Audio in 15 Minutes

Yes, you read that right. After finally taking the leap, Kendra was astounded by how easy Hello Audio was to use.

“I went from signing up to creating my first private podcast feed in about 15 minutes or so. And that was incredible!”

While Kendra had been successfully managing her public podcast for several years, she’d heard about other private podcast options that seemed “like a nightmare.” They seemed buggy and full of issues, but Hello Audio ended up being a breeze.

“I really do believe that it is so simplistic. There’s a walkthrough, there’s instructions. They really do hold your hand through it and everything inside Hello Audio is really user-friendly. It’s very easy to navigate.”

On top of that, Kendra was impressed that it was equally simple for her students or challenge participants to use as well.

The Transcript Feature Was a Game-Changer For Kendra and Her Audience

Initially, Kendra had no idea there was an option for transcripts within Hello Audio. She believed she would need to transcribe her audio through an entirely different program.

“I cannot even begin to tell you how much simpler it is to just upload the audio and click Generate Transcript. It was so great because I was able to download it, and we were able to put it in a Google Doc that we then gave to the participants in the challenge. And they appreciated it so much!

The Hello Audio Facebook Community Provided Much-Needed Support

As someone who puts customer service and community at the forefront of her business, Kendra greatly appreciated the Hello Audio Facebook Community.

“I think it’s really amazing to have a community full of all different kinds of people and business owners that are using [Hello Audio] because it also helps us all to share our experiences with using the product and for us to get ideas.”

She loves that the Hello Audio team actively participates in the group to help users out, post when there’s updates, and even showing demos.

“It’s just been incredible to see how much is poured into this program and how much has poured into this company from the people that are running it. And I really appreciate that!”

Hello Audio Increased Kendra’s Conversions From 3.5% to 11%

Kendra incorporated Hello Audio in a live launch of a brand new challenge. Obviously, her and her team had done launches for her course many, many times over the previous years. She had even done this challenge before, but this was the first time they had incorporated Hello Audio into the challenge.

For this launch, people signed up for the free challenge and were given access to the private podcast feed. Previously, her challenges converted at roughly 3.5%. With Hello Audio, however, conversion rates were at 11%!!!

“There were times in the first day of cart open that I thought surely this can’t be right, because we’ve surpassed what we normally do for an entire launch in just one day!”

Ultimately, Kendra believes Hello Audio helped her provide much more value. Instead of waiting for an email or video, participants could easily listen to content first thing in the morning.

“I was able to get them right where they were. Many of them popped it right in their ears in the morning….They didn’t have to go looking for a link. They didn’t have to go looking for the email and they didn’t have to go into the Facebook group if they didn’t want to. It just downloaded right to their phone, to their podcast app. I really think that had a huge effect for us in that we were able to provide so much more. And because of that, our numbers really skyrocketed.”

Want to hear the rest of Kendra’s Success Story? Listen to Episode 9 of our Success Stories Podcast for all the details!

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