Jade Jemma Had a 90% Completion Rate of Her 3-Week Sales Bootcamp

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Jade Jemma Had a 90% Completion Rate of Her 3-Week Sales Bootcamp

Learn how Jade used Hello Audio in her Sales Bootcamp to increase the completion rate while helping clients bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Jade Jemma, the sales coach and strategist behind Freedom Zest, helps freedom focused entrepreneurs increase their sales and create their ultimate freedom lifestyle. Through online courses, 1:1 mentoring programs, and VIP Intensives, her clients learn how to increase profits while selling with passion, integrity, and heart.

With Jade’s help, participants have negotiated hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. They’ve signed high profile clients and some are even making 7-figures! All of them, however, are now making more money and living life with more freedom.

Obviously, someone with a drive like Jade’s is always looking for better ways to engage with their audience, increase student success, and improve course completion rates…that’s where Hello Audio comes in.


Jade Hoped Hello Audio Would Improve The Overall Completion Rate (Psst! It Did!)

Initially, Jade hoped Hello Audio would help improve completion rates for her courses and programs while making the experience fun and enjoyable for clients.

For her clients to attain that ultimate freedom lifestyle, it was important for her content to be easily accessible, fun, and inspiring. Plus, having a platform that was easy for both her and her clients was a must.

“I think what surprised me most about using Hello Audio was how easy it was to use. I would say I’m someone who’s pretty decent with tech and I also actually studied radio broadcast at a master’s degree level. So I used to do a lot of really technical editing and producing and all of that stuff. But it was so many years ago and I know that all of the systems have changed.”

She even put off having a podcast for quite some time because it seemed like just another thing she needed to refresh her skills on. Luckily, it was a far simpler experience than Jade was expecting.

“It was really lovely to see how simple Hello Audio was. How you can just drag and drop, put it in there, do the orders, give them the titles and graphics, and it’s good to go!”

Jade’s First Reaction to Hello Audio Was Sheer Excitement

“As soon as I heard about the product, I was like ‘I’m in, I need this in my life.’ So no hesitations at all. My initial reaction when first trying Hello Audio was…sheer excitement. I was literally like ‘this is so cool! I love this toy.’ It was just super, super simple as well.”

One of her favorite features is the initial email her students receive once they’re subscribed to the podcast. Her students simply click a button, it pops up on their phones, and the podcast loads.

“I absolutely love it! I’ve even done some Instagram reels where I’ve mixed in some music over the top when I’ve been promoting my courses.”

Hello Audio Increased Her Completion Rate, Conversions, and Student Success

Jade condensed her 10+ years of experience into a Live 3-Week Sales Bootcamp. Within the bootcamp, Jade provided daily sales coaching, accountability, a private members hub, training modules, and (of course) a private podcast feed.

With her new platform and podcast feed, Jade’s bootcamp ended up having a completion rate of around 90%! 

“Around 70% of the group were really engaged and keeping up with things each day. And they had some awesome results!”

With just over a hundred live participants, her students ended up bringing in roundabout $200,000. Some of them made their first sale and some had their biggest month EVER. Plus, while having a private audio feed helped improve student success within the bootcamp, it also helped convert sales for Jade’s Mastermind group.

“It really helps to keep them engaged and make the experience a lot more fun. And what we do at the end of the sales bootcamp is we open doors to My Sales Squad, which is a bit like my sales growth focus Mastermind.” Of the original participants, roughly 14% ended up staying for the Mastermind as well!

Jade’s Students Love the Ease of Hello Audio

When she first spoke about having a private podcast feed, her audience was immediately excited.

“I’ve noticed that there’s some people who LOVE it. They’ll go in there, they’ll download the podcast feed, and that’s the way that they would rather digest….the people that I know who are using it, they love it.” Some of her clients are even now using Hello Audio for THEIR courses as well!

Overall, Jade and her students have LOVED using Hello Audio. The touchpoints and ease of access, regardless of personal situation or schedule, make it ideal for busy clients looking to level up.

“So, definitely I’m going to be using it next time we run the Sales Bootcamp and also we’re using it in all of our courses as well.”

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