Jaclyn Mellone Saw Student Success Rates Skyrocket by 400%

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Jaclyn Mellone Saw Student Success Rates Skyrocket By 400% | Hello Audio

Discover how Jaclyn Mellone used Hello Audio to increase student success rates by 400%!

Jaclyn Malone, the strategist and host of the Go-To Gal Podcast, helps experts land high-paying clients through the podcasting platform. Her innovative approach “combines restructuring [her] clients’ business models, reframing their mindset, and revamping their marketing to position them as the go-to authority, from the inside out!”

Sometimes that means launching their own podcast or being a guest on other people’s podcasts. Whatever the case, she’s been successfully using Hello Audio to make her course content more accessible to students so they can see better results.

Jaclyn Initially Chose Hello Audio to Increase Course Completion and Improve Student Success Rates

One of the issues Jaclyn needed Hello Audio to solve was course completion. Having happy and successful students is essential for her business. But students won’t see their desired results if they never actually make it through the content.

As a fellow podcast producer and audio consumer, Jaclyn understood the various barriers that can make course completion difficult.

“I also have ADHD and consuming content in the way that it’s typically presented, in video format, is nearly impossible to hold my attention.” She found the process of trying to consume these courses via video quite clunky and knew this wasn’t just a problem for her.

As soon as she heard about Hello Audio, she was all in.

Hello Audio Didn’t Require Complicated Tech Know-How

Admittedly, Jaclyn was first intimidated by the technology. While she was one of our first users, she actually put off doing her first feed for quite some time. Fortunately, the actual process was a breeze.

“Once I actually tried Hello Audio for the first time, I couldn’t believe how easy it was….I had it built up in my head that it was going to be way more complicated for no reason at all. I also felt like everything needed to be perfect or completed before we were setting up feeds. But once we started doing it, I realized we can easily update and add things as we go. It doesn’t all have to be ready from the get-go.”

Jaclyn’s Favorite Hello Audio Features

Ease of Use

It’s simple for her and her team on the backend to set things up, launch new feeds, or update old feeds. “I love how it’s just as easy, if not easier, for our clients and students.” She knew a lot of her students had similar apprehensions with new technology, but with just a few clicks they’re set up and easily consuming content.

Hello Audio Community

Jaclyn often visits the Hello Audio Facebook group to ask questions or see what other users are working on. “I really just love that there’s this whole community of course creators that are part of this movement with audio. And it’s been great to see what others are doing and get inspired by their creativity and just the energy of the group.”

Hello Audio Increased Overall Engagement, Completion Rates, and Student Success Rates

The biggest results the Go-To Gal Podcast has experienced have been increased engagement and completion rates in both the live course and in a digital product course.

For example, the first time they ran their Pays To Podcast digital course, they had less than 10% of students launch their podcast in the first few weeks. However, after revamping their curriculum with a designer and integrating Hello Audio, the results were impressive.

“So, when we made that more accessible for them, we saw not just course completion rates, but we saw more than 50% of our students launch their podcast within eight weeks.”

Additionally, a separate digital product course (Podcast Guest Plug-N-Pitch System) didn’t have the completion rate Jaclyn wanted to see either. That also saw a positive change after using Hello Audio. “Being able to take that content and make it available in a podcast form has been really exciting for students and has really helped that engagement and completion rate.”

She’s also found that offering courses in audio form has been a phenomenal marketing tool. Being “able to consume that content through a podcast format has been such a differentiator and something that our prospective students have been really excited about.”

Jaclyn’s Students LOVE Her Private Audio Feeds

The reaction from her students has been overwhelmingly positive. “ They’re really excited about this. They absolutely love it. A number of them were surprised at how easy it was.”

After realizing how simple it was to use, her students were able to “…take the course content with them, whether that’s on a road trip or to do laundry or, you know, walking around the neighborhood. Being able to consume that content while they’re doing other things has really allowed them to actually get through it and listen to it and be more engaged.”

What’s more, students are able to listen while actually implementing the lessons. This makes it so much easier for students to consume content while putting it into practice. “A number of them love that they can just really easily binge the content and then go back and relisten to certain parts that maybe they needed to revisit or take notes with.”

Before Hello Audio, Jaclyn and her students fumbled with the clunky reality of video courses. Now, however, students can easily binge content without having to go in and out of different video modules.

“Overall, they’ve just been really enthusiastic and supportive of having it. It’s helped them through the content, which is exactly what we wanted them to get out of it.

Hello Audio is For Any Online Course Creator

Jaclyn Mellone is one of many online course creators who have utilized Hello Audio with astounding results. She even adds, “Even if a course creator is not a podcaster or hasn’t gone into that space yet, this is such an easy way to repurpose what you’ve already done. If you’ve already recorded those videos, just upload them and BAM you’re done.”

Honestly, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. But we will say this; you should consider creating a private audio feed with Hello Audio if:

  • You’ve been putting off creating a course
  • You’re intimidated by other complicated audio tech
  • You want to repurpose current course content
  • You want to increase engagement, completion rates, sales, etc.

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