How to Deliver Private Podcasts in Spotify with Hello Audio

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You can use Hello Audio to host private feeds on Spotify! Meet your listeners where they’re at, in their favorite podcast app, which now includes Spotify ❤️

Hello Audio offers a one-click push to Spotify button for all private and public feeds. After clicking, your content appears in the app for listeners to unlock.

Each listener you add to a private Hello Audio feed will have a unique access code generated and associated with their email address. They’ll use this code to unlock the content in the app.

This Hello Audio + Spotify Open Access partnership is a great opportunity for creators to use private audio feeds as a list building tool. Add links to your opt-in page in your descriptions for Spotify traffic to access.

Or sell your course that includes an audio version of the content, now available on Spotify alongside their favorite content. They’re used to opening Spotify while on the go. Now they can consume your valuable material in the same app, increasing your completion rates and success.

Start your free trial at and see the power of private audio feeds on Spotify!

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