Amanda Doubled her Launch Consumption Rate and Earned $10,000

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Amanda Doubled Her Launch Consumption Rate with Hello Audio
Nora Sudduth - Hello Audio Co-Founder

Turn your content into private podcasts so your audience can listen to everything on the go. Try Hello Audio (for free) for 7 days!

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Learn how Amanda used Hello Audio to ditch webinars, double her launch consumption rate, AND bring in $10,000 with one launch.

Amanda Guarniere, from The Resume RX, helps nurses and nurse practitioners find, land, and love their dream jobs. And as a trained ER nurse practitioner and mom of three, she understands the juggling act necessary to be successful in this field. 

“Since graduating from Yale School of Nursing in 2011 I’ve been navigating my way through the professional world of medicine, figuring out how to achieve balance and spend my time making the biggest impact.”

The Resume RX provides online courses, templates, and resources that are designed to help nurses and NPs curate their careers and design their dream lives. For one of her recent launches, however, she decided to ditch the webinars and experiment with a private podcast. Spoiler alert—it went really REALLY well 😉


Amanda Chose Hello Audio To Connect With Her Audience On The Go

Previously, Amanda relied on live webinars for launch events. While that had been successful in the past, she knew her audience was incredibly busy. Essentially, her webinars might not be accessible to everyone. These are students and working nurses and nurse practitioners with very little free time. 

“They’re primarily a consumer audience and they don’t typically have the space to show up live for a particular event. A lot of them consume content and podcasts on their commute to and from school and to and from work. So, I really wanted to give them a very accessible format so that they didn’t feel like they had to show up live.”

That’s when she decided to try Hello Audio for a specific launch event.


Hello Audio Was User-Friendly and Simplified Her Launch Process

Initially, Amanda was worried about transitioning away from webinars. Fortunately, Hello Audio was straightforward and simple to use. 

“My team members and I both remarked about how user-friendly and straightforward it is. It doesn’t require a lot of tech-savviness, which is great! In terms of the experience of using Hello Audio as a launch event…it really felt like energetically the easiest launch that I ever did.”

Amanda prepared three days of episodes in advance and didn’t have to show up live for anything. The recording happened on her own time and uploading everything was as easy as dragging and dropping a few files. Her episodes were dripped over the span of three days. During the third episode she encouraged listeners to submit questions via a link in the description. This led to twenty-five questions that she answered in an additional episode. 

“As soon as I was done recording that, I just dragged and dropped it into the feed and it was pushed out to the subscribers of the private podcast feed.”


Hello Audio Transcriptions Added More Accessibility Without Clutter

While she loves the ease of use, her absolute favorite feature is the Hello Audio transcription option. Regardless of whether someone wants to listen or read her content, this feature gives everyone BOTH options.

“Accessibility is really important to me and the content that I deliver. So, I was able to upload my audio and with one click have a transcription generated.”

Amanda then put the transcriptions in a separate Google Doc that she linked to. Now, she can provide both options without cluttering the mobile experience.


Hello Audio Doubled Her Launch Consumption Rate and Led To $10,000 in Sales

With this particular launch, Amanda had roughly 785 people opt-in to her free three-day private podcast event. 60% of those who signed up ended up actually downloading the episodes.

“I know that 60% actually loaded the link into their podcast player and participated in listening to the event, which is great! That’s actually much higher than my typical webinar show-up rates, which tend to be more in the 30% range.”

During the third episode, she included an invitation for people to join her program. This led to twenty-five sales of a $397 product, totaling just under $10,000. 


Hello Audio Helped Amanda Connect With A More Qualified Group

While Amanda has launched programs in the past with a higher number of core sales, this particular group was highly qualified and more engaged than any group of students she’s worked with in the past.

“From the first day that we did our kickoff call and all met each other, there was just something different about this group. I think it’s because of the elevated experience that the private podcast feed provided and the different group of people that I attracted using this format.” 

“These weren’t people who were opportunity buyer purchasers, they had committed to listening to a three-day podcast series. They had asked questions and they decided to take the next step with me. So, I really consider this launch a wild success and I definitely think that using Hello Audio for the private podcast feed was instrumental in the results.”


Amanda’s Audience Feedback Was Phenomenal

Considering how busy her audience is, being respectful of their time and circumstances was always a goal for Amanda. That’s why it was particularly gratifying to get such positive feedback.

“Many people were very appreciative of the fact that they didn’t have to show up live….It was something that was dropping on a daily basis that they could listen to at their leisure in the cracks of their day.”


Hello Audio Is For Online Course Creators, Membership Leaders, or Anyone Trying to Launch a Digital Product

After her seamless experience with Hello Audio, Amanda feels that it’s the perfect solution for online course creators, membership leaders, anyone with digital products, and more.

“There’s something that’s really intimate about audio that’s different than just engaging in a group or videos that are prerecorded.”

Amanda now knows that the ability to have someone talk in your ears on the go is why podcasting in general is so loved and successful.

“Being able to integrate that into other learning environments just really elevates the level of trust and deliverability and accessibility that you can have with your community.”


Want to Create Your Own Private Podcast Feed?

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Nora Sudduth - Hello Audio Co-Founder

Turn your content into private podcasts so your audience can listen to everything on the go. Try Hello Audio (for free) for 7 days!

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