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The Audio Course Accelerator is available to all Hello Audio customers on a paid plan. You can get started on a plan for just $17. You’ll be registered for the accelerator as soon as you join.

Rapid Course Creation & Marketing Strategies That Work

You want to monetize your expertise and earn some extra cash this month. It doesn’t need to take months to create a course and get it in front of the right people.

Join the Audio Course Accelerator for the step-by-step guidance, tools and resources you need to create & sell your audio course in 30 days or less, including:

  • On-demand guidance from the Hello Audio team, with weekly emails to keep you on track
  • Four live group coaching sessions to get expert guidance in real time
  • Marketing guidance and social media templates for announcing and promoting your audio course to your audience
  • Plus, accountability and a built-in support system in the Hello Audio community

This challenge is for you

The Audio Course Accelerator is for anyone looking to monetize their expertise with an easy-to-create audio course. 

  • You’ve thought about (or started) creating a course in the past, but you haven’t finished it yet.
  • The thought of creating slides or getting on camera has slowed you down in the creation process.
  • You’re looking for an easy way to monetize your expertise.
  • You like the idea of having an audio course and want the step-by-step guidance to get it done fast.
  • You’d like built-in support and accountability from a community of experts and fellow creators.

The Audio Course Accelerator is for you if…

In just four weeks, you’ll get the strategies and resources you need to create and market your course. Plus, you’ll get live support along the way.

In one month, you’ll learn how to:

Ready, set, launch

The Audio Course Accelerator is available to all Hello Audio customers on a paid plan. Not sure about Audio yet? You can start on a Starter plan for just $17. You’ll be entered into the accelerator as soon as you join.

What To Expect Each Week

Each week of the Audio Course Accelerator is designed to give you hands-on, practical guidance to help you create and sell your audio course. 

Here’s what you’ll accomplish each week:

  • Learn the Profitable Course Formula that helps you choose a course topic that sells
  • Identify the Storybook Endings to list on your landing page 
  • Learn how to position your course so it stands out from others in the market
  • Create your first draft of your course landing page
  • Decide how to structure and teach your course so it’s the best fit for both you and your students
  • Get insight and guidance on how to price your audio course
  • Learn how to create engaging lessons that your students will love

  • Map out your course outline so you know exactly what content you’ll teach
  • Learn the easiest and fastest ways to create audio content that sounds great
  • Get step-by-step guidance to create & sell your audio course with Hello Audio
  • Set up the tech and automations to add students to your email list and give them access
  • Learn easy ways to promote your course on social media
  • Get social prompts and sample posting schedules
  • Learn how Hello Audio can help you market your course

Hello Audio

And our mission is simple: We help creators turn their knowledge into thriving, scalable online businesses. From online courses to coaching products, you’ll have the power to build high-quality learning experiences, connect with students around the world, and maximize your earning potential. Most importantly, Hello Audio lets you maintain full ownership of every aspect of your content and brand.

Make Extra Money This Month With Audio

Choose a plan to join the Audio Course Accelerator

This brand-new challenge is free for all Hello Audio customers on a paid plan. Choose yours to get started.

What Hello Audio Users Are Saying

See what creators have to say about Hello Audio

“I use Hello Audio to create a private podcast feed for the weekly coaching calls of my high ticket 6 month coaching program.

Due to timezone conflicts, some of my clients can only attend a group coaching call every other week. Now they have access and can catch up anytime.

It has been so valuable to set up something in under 5 minutes. I can drop and drag any video straight into the feed.

My clients love listening in the car and just how portable coaching has become with me. Using Hello Audio has increased the community feel which is an unexpected benefit. “

-Elizabeth Goddard
Online Business Strategist

“If you know how to use the internet then you know how to use Hello Audio.

I launched an audio only course and link transcripts and support material in the show notes. Providing my clients with a medium where they can learn on the go was a huge attraction point.

The listener analytics let’s me provide better student support by seeing who has activated what episode. Every week I schedule and drip content. Hello Audio is just magic.”

-Leanne Hughes
International Facilitator

“I use Hello Audio to provide exclusive premium content. It helped me add 16K in new revenue.

I was surprised how easy it was to manage a private audio feed. Just record and drop and drag.

I have found using audio is the most direct way to provide value and for users to learn. The listener analytics is showing that my audience listen all the way through versus other media formats. “

-Jeremy Devens
Vedic Astrologist

“I was just amazed by Hello Audio’s ease of use – both for my team and for my students.”

“On the backend, it’s been so easy for my team and I to get things updated and launched.

But I also love how it’s just as easy for our clients and students. All I have to do is share their private link with them so they pick the podcast platform they want to use to consume the content…and with the click of a button, they are all set up.

And since launching Hello Audio feeds for our courses, I’ve seen my student success rates skyrocket by 400%.”

-Jaclyn Mellone

“Got my first private feed going – offering my membership’s monthly masterclasses via podcast in addition to video within the membership portal.

I LOVE having this option for them to consume the teachings. Hardest part: fussing over which graphic design I wanted to have as the cover”

-Janelle Marie
Founder My Cat Tail Club

“This software is a game changer!!! Best investment EVER! I was hoping to use this for my first virtual summit and it delivered!!

We had over 4,000 women in the trades attend last month but many of them expressed that they ran out of time to go to all the sessions so I repurposed it using the amazing “magic” in the app in just 2 hours and created this new way to access and listen.”

-Camille Finan
Owner & Host Remodel Your Life

Frequently Asked Questions

The challenge is open to anyone on a paid Hello Audio plan. If you’re not yet a customer, click here to choose a plan and join the accelerator.

The audio course accelerator officially runs for 4 weeks. Week 1 starts October 24th!

This accelerator was made for you! Whether you’re a service provider, coach, consultant or a professional with knowledge & experience to share, we’ll help you create an audio course make your first course sale. And even if you have sold a course before, there’s still plenty to learn.

We’re happy to help answer your questions! Just email us at

Hello Audio Makes It Easy To Monetize Your Expertise

Choose a plan to join the Audio Course Accelerator

This brand-new challenge is free for all Hello Audio customers on a paid plan. Choose yours to get started.

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